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a nordic story
curated by kirsten hinder, nordic stories contemporary art
with inka & niclas (fin/se), ditte knus t√łnnesen (dk), petra lindholm (fin),
ida persson (se) and ditte ejlerskov (dk)
studio b, toronto canada
october 28, 2017 - january 31, 2018

geometric behavior
curated by katrine hvid
with milena bonifacini (dk), martha clippinger (us), elise ferguson (us),
katrine hvid (dk), douglas melini (us), bodil nielsen (dk) and gary petersen (us)
kunstpakhuset, ikast denmark
january 13 - february 25, 2018

18th street art center, santa monica usa
danish arts council residency program
january 2 -march 30, 2018